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Systems Immunology of the Human Life Course

14 December 2012

The Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council have today announced a joint £4M call in Systems Immunology of the Human Life Course. This call aims to fund research that will support large systems programs in immunology.

Systems biology describes the study of complex systems, with emphasis on how interactions between components of biological systems underlie the behaviour of the system as a whole. The call will harness researchers to study immunological processes and pathways, and how they change over the human life-course or under different human conditions in health and disease. This focus has been developed in order to encourage novel research that addresses immune function at any age, including the extremes of age (e.g. infancy and old age) or at key life changes (e.g. puberty or pregnancy), how immune function responds to challenge and environmental factors that may influence immune function, such as co-infection or socioeconomic circumstances.

Alongside developing our understanding of immunological changes associated with age, the call aims to promote the development of new methodologies or analytical tools to interrogate these immunological questions.

The call is currently open for outline applications.


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