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Review of industrial biotechnology and bioenergy published

3 February 2011

A review, published today (3 February 2011), outlines how BBSRC will support industrial biotechnology and bioenergy going forward. The report makes 11 recommendations, following advice from experts in academia and industry. BBSRC will implement these to ensure that it can grasp opportunities in this growing area of research.

BBSRC has identified industrial biotechnology and bioenergy as one of its three high-level strategic priorities: areas that can make an important contribution to UK society and economic growth. This review, which commenced in 2010, included an analysis of BBSRC's portfolio of grants, training awards and knowledge exchange activities to identify potential areas for BBSRC to concentrate on in the future.

By providing a focus for policy and strategy, the report will help BBSRC, to maximise the scientific, social and economic benefit of research in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy, in collaboration with other sponsors and industry.

The 11 recommendations include:

  • BBSRC should increase the size of its industrial biotechnology portfolio as a proportion of its total budget.
  • BBSRC should establish industrial biotechnology as a new council-wide research priority.
  • BBSRC should provide leadership in industrial biotechnology research, training and knowledge exchange.
  • BBSRC should seek to identify, develop and promote new and existing mechanisms for working with the private sector which can assist in the translation of the research that it supports.
  • BBSRC should seek to diversify its portfolio of fundamental, underpinning research in bioenergy to focus more on next generation sources.
  • BBSRC should seek to co-ordinate and build upon the current expertise in the UK plant science research community and expand research in the area of non-food crops.



Colin Miles, Head of Strategy Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy

tel: 01793 413359