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Projects to be funded through the Genomes UK: Exploiting the Potential of High-Throughput Sequencing funding competition

4 March 2011

Note: The offer of funding to these research and development projects is conditional and remains subject to the successful completion of Technology Strategy Board and Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council compliance and financial review processes.

  • Project title: Adapted yeast for superior carbon conversion
    Partners: Ingenza Ltd (lead), ARK Genomics
    Contact: Ian Fotheringham,, 0131 200 6355
  • Project title: Application of association mapping and genomic sequencing to modern potato breeding: improved tools, traits and germplasm
    Partners: Cygnet Plant Breeders Ltd (lead), McCain Foods (GB) Ltd, Scottish Crop Research Institute, Mylnefield Research Services Ltd
    Contact: Matthew Smallwood,, 01577 862929
  • Project title: Sequencing of novel marine actinomycetes to un-lock undiscovered biopharmaceuticals
    Partners: Aquapharm Biodiscovery Ltd (lead), John Innes Centre
    Contact: Dr Andrew Mearns Spragg,, 0131 526 3190
  • Project title: Development of a high-density salmon SNP chip: a key tool for improving the competitiveness and sustainability of the UK salmon farming industry
    Partners: Landcatch Natural Selection Ltd (lead); Affymetrix Ltd, University of Edinburgh, University of Stirling, University of Glasgow
    Contact: A. Hamilton,, 01259 272022
  • Project title: Prediction of F1 hybrid performance in Winter Oilseed Rape
    Partners: Limagrain UK Ltd (lead), Velcourt R & D, John Innes Centre, The Genome Analysis Centre
    Contact: Dr. J G Bowman,, 01472 370 167
  • Project title: Gene discovery in the diamondback moth for novel pest control
    Partners: Oxitec Ltd (lead), Centre for Genomic Research
    Contact: Hadyn Parry,, 01235 832 393
  • Project title: Genome Sequences to Support Development of Biology Rich Polyketide Pharmaceuticals
    Partners: Biotica Technology Ltd, The Genome Analysis Centre
    Contact: Christine Martin,, 01799 532927
  • Project title: Development of instrumental and bioinformatic pipelines to accelerate commercial applications of metagenomics approaches
    Partners: Unilever (lead), Liverpool University, Glasgow University, Biocontrol Ltd, Skalene Ltd
    Contact: Dr. David Taylor,, 0151 641 3890
  • Project title: Mining new enzymes in the rumen for biomass processing and chiral synthesis
    Partners: Ingenza Ltd (lead), ARK Genomics, Rowett Institute
    Contact: Ian Fotheringham,, 0131 200 6355
  • Project title: Utilising sequence data and genomics to improve novel carcass traits in beef cattle
    Partners: Anglo Beef Processors (lead), British Limousin Cattle Society, Scottish Agricultural College
    Contact: Stuart Roberts,, 0121 717 2508
  • Project title: Pooling Genomes to Analyse Candidate Genomic Regions for Determination of Prognostic Genetic Markers in Patients with Sporadic Renal Cancers
    Partners: Population Genetics Technologies Ltd (lead), University of Cambridge
    Contact: Conrad Lichtenstein,, 01223 497 354



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