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Financial sanctions for not fulfilling grant terms and conditions

28 February 2012

In line with the RCUK Grant Terms and Conditions BBSRC reserves the right to impose financial sanctions where they have identified areas of non compliance. Research organisation administrators/grant holders or those responsible for the administration of BBSRC grants are reminded that it is the responsibility of the research organisation to ensure all terms and conditions are adhered to.

RCUK Grant Terms and Conditions can be viewed at:

BBSRC is now applying sanctions in accordance with GC19 to grants where the agreed terms and conditions have not been met. In particular, this includes instances where final reports or final expenditure statements are received after their due date. A reminder of the deadline is sent well before the submission is due. Late submission of these documents is not acceptable and will incur a financial sanction.

BBSRC funds projects that may comprise of a number of linked grants at multiple organisations or with other sponsors. Please note that these grants are awarded independently and therefore fall under the standard RCUK Terms & Conditions. Unless there is a grant-specific condition included on the offer document stating that a Final Expenditure Statement or Final Report is not required, a Final Report and Final Expenditure Statement must be submitted within three months of the end date of the grant. This applies regardless of any other reporting requirements that BBSRC or other organisations may have requested for the specific grant or any overall programme for which it is a part.

Research organisations and grant holders are reminded that any changes that may affect the progress of the research must be notified to the Research Council immediately via the RCUK Shared Services Centre. GC7 provides guidance on circumstances under which a no-cost extension will be granted.

Research organisations are encouraged to make full use of "Status reporting" which is available via Je-S. Status reporting enables all concerned to monitor when deliverables, including Final Expenditure Statements and Final Reports, are due. Research organisation administrative authorities should also have processes in place to remind grant holders of their obligations at the appropriate time.

Further information for BBSRC grant holders can be found at:


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