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Open access publishing update

30 April 2012

For some time the Research Councils have been working together on the transition to greater open access to research publications, and we are now looking at how this is working in practice and reviewing different payment models. We are planning to issue an updated policy on this in the next few months.

BBSRC's current Policy on Open Access is on the website, and requires authors to deposit a copy of any published manuscript at the earliest opportunity in an appropriate e-print repository, for example UK PubMed Central (UKPMC). Alternatively, authors can pay a fee for the paper to be open access immediately after publication and BBSRC-funded PIs can apply for these costs in their grant application - as described in the BBSRC Grants Guide. However, if the paper is being published a long time after the grant has been completed and there are no funds available, authors can decline to pay the fee, but they must then deposit the manuscript in a suitable repository, as long as the journal allows this.



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