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Future synthetic biology centre welcomed by BBSRC, TSB and EPSRC

11 September 2012

The Technology Strategy Board, BBSRC and EPSRC welcome today's announcement by the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, of the creation of an Innovation and Knowledge Centre in Synthetic Biology.

Delivering a speech about Industrial Strategy, Dr Cable highlighted the role of emerging technologies such as synthetic biology in "supporting sustained economic growth in the UK" and announced that the Technology Strategy Board, along with research councils and other partners, will be establishing an Innovation and Knowledge Centre for Synthetic Biology.

The announcement follows a recommendation in the Synthetic Biology Roadmap for the UK, published in July, to create a network of multidisciplinary centres, "including a dedicated innovation and knowledge centre".

Innovation and Knowledge Centres (IKCs) were established by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council as centres of excellence with five years' funding to accelerate and promote business exploitation of an emerging research and technology field. The Innovation and Knowledge Centre for Synthetic Biology, will be the seventh IKC.

Visit the BIS website to read Vince Cable's 'Outlines vision for future of British industry' at:

Examine the Technology Strategy Board's 'Synthetic Biology Roadmap for the UK' at: (external PDF).

The RCUK statement is available from:



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