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Spring 2014

BBSRC launches 20th anniversary

BBSRC launches 20th anniversary - 30 January 2014
Highlights from: 20 years of bioscience
  • Launch event marks 20 years of pioneering Great British bioscience
  • Interactive timeline highlights Bioscience achievements
  • Great British Bioscience festival will take place in November 2014

Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts, will be speaking at an event in London tonight to mark the start of BBSRC's 20th anniversary year. The event will highlight the achievements and impact of UK bioscience since BBSRC was established in 1994. Guests will hear how the development of the biosciences over the last two decades has given the UK a world-leading position in this area, a strong basis for advancing future scientific knowledge, and an engine for economic growth.

To mark its 20th year, BBSRC has also launched online resources to enable the public to explore the impact of bioscience. This includes an interactive timeline that guides the user through BBSRC discoveries such as: the first cloned mammal 'Dolly' the sheep, creating greener fuel from tiny bacteria, and generating new human bone tissue.

Professor Jackie Hunter, BBSRC Chief Executive said: "Investing in world-leading bioscience research over the last two decades is offering tangible solutions to grand societal challenges, such as: feeding nine billion people sustainably by 2050, developing sustainable sources of energy and industrial materials to combat climate change and helping people to stay healthier with an increased lifespan. Our 20th year marks an important milestone as we see the impacts of bioscience providing economic, social and health benefits to people in the UK and around the world."

BBSRC will be highlighting achievements thought the year via a series of online features. Each month BBSRC will interview 'Great British Bioscience Pioneers' to put the spotlight on researchers who have helped shape the bioscience landscape. Features on science areas (like 'genomics' and 'big data') will explore how things have changed since 1994. There will also be opportunities to understand BBSRC's role in supporting UK bioscience through articles on mechanisms like training, collaborations with business, and international partnerships.

BBSRC is aiming to reach new audiences too with a new, visually-led, public-facing anniversary blog all about the fascinating world of bioscience and how it impacts our daily lives. It features exciting pictures, video and short-form content from across the BBSRC remit:

The anniversary year will involve the whole BBSRC community and culminates in a Great British Bioscience Festival in London in November, featuring excellent, engaging science that aims to encourage new audiences to interact with UK bioscience.

The anniversary activities build on existing BBSRC public, industry and stakeholder engagement programmes but will be brought together with a common strand for 2014: '20 years of pioneering Great British bioscience'.