Video transcript: Early career researchers gear up for entrepreneurship battle

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December 2010

Dr Simon Cutler, BBSRC Business and Innovation Unit speaking at the event
"So this is the culmination of an entire autumn of workshops."

Various competition entrants speaking during a break:
"It was tough at the workshop stage, but to get to the 'final' final, if you like, we're really happy and quite surprised."

"So we're all very excited and obviously very nervous as well."

"We’re presenting this afternoon so there’s a few nerves about that, but we’ve had a very good time so far. We’ve really enjoyed the whole experience."

Competition entrant presenting to audience:
"So we’re here today seeking £1.2M investment in return for a 30% equity stake in our company."

Dr Celia Caulcott, BBSRC Director of Innovation and Skills speaking at the event:
"One of the great things about the Biotechnology YES is the whole process of involving ourselves with brand new young scientists who are developing their early careers. It's incredibly exciting to see so many young scientists who are keen to understand not just their science skills but a wider set of skills that will help them as they develop in future life."

Professor Martin Binks, Director, UNIEI speaking during a break:
"Biotechnology YES and what’s been going on today, is a fantastic example of how things have changed since 15 years, 20 years ago, when students had virtually no experience or engagement with the commercialisation of some of the research discoveries that go on in their subject areas."

Competition entrant in discussion with the judges:
"…and so when people actually do start seeing the adverts they’ll think 'ooh actually, this product, my friend mentioned this to me in the pub last night'."

Competition entrant speaking during a break:
"So we presented this morning, and it was…I was quite nervous and the judges asked some challenging questions."

One of the judges asks a question during a presentation:
"You'll have a market advantage for a short period, how are you going to keep that market advantage?"

Competition team members speaking after their presentation:
"I think we all recognise that we've all got different skills and it's good when all the different skills come together and we can function as a team."
"Yeah, that was really great to realise that, you know, even though we were kind of doing similar things day-to-day that we were all kind of going to bring different parts of personalities and stuff to the team."

Competition entrant speaking after his presentation:
"The judges were really friendly and I think we sold our product well."

Dr Peter Ringrose, BBSRC Chairman and Judging Panel Chair speaking to a room full of teams and judges:
"You should all feel very pleased in terms of the quality of the presentations. Some of my venture capitalist colleagues on the panel said that the presentations, some of the presentations today, have been better than the real life presentations, when people are asking for real money, so again you should feel good about that."

Dr Fiona Marston, Judging Panel Chair speaking to the room:
"Not only did we hear a range of very good presentations, but the underlying business ideas were novel and very diverse."