Video transcript: Double win for early-career researchers with top entrepreneurial skills and ideas for food security

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December 2010

Dr Simon Mosey, Head of UNIEI
This year's Biotech YES is first in a number of ways. First of all we have got a record number of teams which is great and second of all I think they have been very imaginative in the kind of problems they are trying to solve in science.

Two entrants are then interviewed:

Entrant 1
The product we have been looking at is a delivery technology that would go through quantified layer of skin to deliver different peptides and different molecules. I would say that this morning has been quite nerve wracking. To go up last before lunch when you have seen two really good presentations already is very difficult.

Entrant 2
Our company is called DeeNature and we are selling oxalate free tea. We just did our pitch and I think it went ok. We were the first ones up so we didn't know what to expect.

Video switches to a board room with entrants facing the judges

A judge speaks first
What is better is that your property can meet the competition, how you come up with the 8% market penetration, based on the metrics of your company.

Entrant speaks
As I mentioned we can bet on the growth of the decaffeinated tea market so it is something that is in addition to every day tea. People have it instead of their tea every day.

Dr Andy Richards, Chair of the Judging Panel, presenting the winners
It has been great. It was fantastic. It has been particularly high quality and good fun and I hope, no matter what has happened, that you have all enjoyed this and that you have learnt a lot.

I have to say we did disagree with that. It was not plain sailing on either of the streets. Usually there is a head and shoulders winner so there are no head and shoulders winners but there are winners who we have agreed on and the winners are, in the environmental section, its Mara Mor.

Crowd applauses

And in the the biotech section, its Microbe Solutions.

Crowd applauses