Video transcript: The Roslin Institute opens its doors to the public

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September 2011

Professor Helen Sang. The Roslin Institute
Hello, I'm Helen Sang. I'm a research group leader at The Roslin Institute, which is funded by BBSRC, and today we're holding our first ever Doors Open Day to show off our new building to the public and to show off our science.

Dr Carmen Huesa, The Roslin Institute
Basically, its going to be a challenge to explain what I do to a crowd that is not usually in touch with science the way we are here because we're very isolated. We all understand what each other is saying. But to find a way to communicate that and actually have children asking the questions [inaudible] so I think its going to be a very good experience that we manage to reach to the public in a way that otherwise they wouldn't have the opportunity to do.

Professor Helen Say, The Roslin Institute
I think it is really important that we find locations like this to explain our science to the public and interact with them, get their opinions as well as to tell them about what we're doing.