Video transcript: How does the brain change with age? The cam-CAN project (trailer)

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May 2013

Video shows patient getting in a MMR scanner

Professor Lorraine K Tyler, Cam-CAN PI, University of Cambridge
There are a number of aging studies across the world that have aspects of our Cam-Can study but don't then have everything in one study.

Video shows the control room for the MMR scanner and the monitor as it shows a cross-section of a human head. Then it shows a researcher preparing the person for the MMR scan

So there are studies for example that are population representative but they don't have the depth of neuroimaging data that we have or they don't collagen studies and experiments that we have.

Video shows a collage of video shots that were previously shown

The critical question is whether or not the brain still maintains its functionality and how it does that and there is emerging evidence coming out now from the literature and from the studies we are doing that the brain can reorganise itself and remain flexible throughout life and the question is to what extent is that possible and why it is possible for some people and not others and it is they kind of question that we are trying to address.