Video transcript: Who’s eating my eggs? (trailer)

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October 2013

Video has no spoken audio, only music with onscreen text

Video shows a number of wild animals looking for hidden bird eggs on the ground

These hidden cameras have been set up by UK researchers in South Africa and Zambia. They are looking at camouflage and egg predation of ground-nesting birds.

Can you spot the egg this vervet monkey has seen? The egg is hidden in the undergrowth below.

Monitoring egg predation is a model system to test key questions about camouflage. The scientists will build computer models of animal vision to quantify the level and type of camouflage in different habitats and see how the camouflage and background affects survival. It is the fundamental bioscience of vision, concealment and awareness. After all, it's a matter of life and death for every living being (well, almost).



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Project members: Martin Stevens, Jolyon Troscianko, and Jared Wilson-Aggarwal all University of Exeter, and Claire Spottiswoode from University of Cambridge.