Video transcript: Running, jumping, flying: the science of animal locomotion

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March 2014

Video shows an emu running across springy foam, sand and a 12cm pothole.

On-screen captions
The Structure & Motion Lab at the Royal Veterinary College investigates the biomechanics of animal locomotion. Researchers use the latest technologies to record animals in action in the lab and in their natural environment using novel wireless animal-mounted sensors, GPS high speed cameras and other tracking technologies.

Video shows a cheetah chasing a lure through a field for speed measurements and Ibises in flight.

Video shows racehorses running through a field and a goose running for speed measurements.

Each environment presents different challenges. The fundamental bioscience of how and why animals move. How elite animal athletes achieve remarkable performance.

Video shows a human man running on a treadmill.

We gain new insight into problems affecting human and animal welfare such as injury, ageing and disease. And knowledge for applications ranging from wildlife conservation to better prosthetic limbs.



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