Video transcript: Impacts of bioscience #1 (1994-1999)

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April 2014

On-screen captions
The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) funds world-class research. Here are early impacts from 20 years funding UK bioscience:



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  • Anniversary flag by biganimal.co.uk
  • DNA twist, oilseed rape field, wheat rice, barley, bacteria growth, yeast, oat field, cow time-lapse, cell streaming, mosquito feeding, drug and RNA animation all from sciencephoto.com
  • Video and image credits: Chicken footage from The Roslin Institute, MEG head from MRC Cognition-BS unit, Biotech YES winners (c) Biotech YES, Dolly pics (c) The Roslin Institute, insecticide net footage courtesy Against Malaria Foundation
  • Music: 'Unit 4' from cinephonix.com