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Appendix A9.2

Travelling safely by car

1. Policy statement

1.1 We aim to minimise the incidence of all workplace risks, including work related driving activities. We also recognise that we have a responsibility to ensure that other road users are not put at risk by our activities.

1.2 Although we do not have a legal responsibility for your commuting to your usual place of work, there are many aspects of this policy which may apply in your general driving.

1.3 We acknowledge both the safety and environmental aspects of any journey. You should first consider whether there is a need to travel by car at all. It maybe possible to conduct the business by telephone meeting, video conference or travel by train, etc.

2. Organisation and responsibilities

2.1 Establishment Directors

Responsibilities include:

2.2 Line Managers

Responsibilities include:

2.3 All drivers (including employees, students, contractors, etc)

Responsibilities include:

3. Health and safety arrangements

3.1 Local actions

Establishments should have arrangements for:

3.2 Using your own vehicles

If you use a personal vehicle while on business, the vehicle is classified as work equipment and comes under the Provisions and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. You need to be sure that it is in good working order and that it appropriately insured (because if there was an accident we could be sued by any injured party). Establishments will have local policies on this and you should familiarise yourself with yours and follow all instructions.

3.3 Daily driving limits

In accordance with EC and UK Domestic Rules, we have agreed the following driving limits for your safety:

3.4 Injury benefit

In the unfortunate event that you are seriously injured or killed in an accident while travelling in an establishment owned vehicle or hire car compensation may be payable under the injury benefit regulations of our pension scheme. For more details contact Joint Superannuation section www.jsspensions.org.uk.

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