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Appendix A9.8

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

1. Policy statement

We acknowledge that no substance can be considered completely safe. All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that all exposure of yourself to substances hazardous to health is prevented, or at least controlled to within statutory limits.

Each establishment will:

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2. Organisation and responsibilities

2.1 Institute Directors

You have overall responsibility for health and safety within your institute and this includes the control of substances hazardous to health. You are responsible for the overall implementation and monitoring of this policy.

2.2 Line Managers

Your duties under the COSHH Regulations are to ensure the following:

2.3 Workers (including employees, students, contractors, etc).

It is your responsibility to:

2.4 Health and Safety Advisors

It is your responsibility to:

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3. Health and Safety arrangements

3.1 Dealing with Health and Safety issues

If you raise an issue related to the use of substances hazardous to health, we will ensure that:

3.2 Information and training

We will give you adequate information and/or training to ensure an understanding of the hazards to health posed by hazardous substances in the workplace, and the importance of the control measures provided. Information will also be given to others who may be affected, such as contractors, temporary staff, visitors, etc. Managers and supervisors of areas which use substances hazardous to health will be given additional training to ensure effective management of the risks.

3.3 Safe systems of work

It is important that we have effective safe systems of work and properly maintained and adjusted engineering control measures. You are encouraged to report any defects and we will ensure that systems are in place for prompt rectification and/or repair and for the provision of temporary replacement controls.

3.4 Reviews and audits

Each site will carry out regular inspections and/or audits to help identify opportunities for improvement, develop action plans and share good practice.

The implementation of this policy will be monitored through the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

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4. Related policies and procedures

This policy should be read in conjunction with:

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Last updated 07/11/10
Amendment 110 - November 2010