Section A9: Health, attendance, wellbeing and safety:

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Working safely overseas

1. Policy statement

We recognise that we have a responsibility to ensure the safety of our employees and students when they are working outside the UK.

Besides any risk associated with the work itself, there can be other risks when working outside the UK:

To identify all such factors each institute will have a standard risk assessment for travelling overseas. This will be reviewed before each trip and depending upon the nature of the visit, the risk assessment will vary with the type of activity intended with the actual risks and hazards posed identified.  A Hazard checklist can be found in appendix A9.10i (DOC 40KB).

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2. Organisation and responsibilities

2.1 Institute Directors

You are responsible for ensuring that the institute health and safety management system has the capability to ensure the following:

2.2 Employees and students about the work outside the UK

You are responsible for:

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3. Arrangements

3.1 Classification of your visit

You are classified as:

3.2 Fees and expenses

For Type A and B visits we will:

For Type C visits you need to make your own arrangements. We advise you to effect private insurance to cover the costs of medical treatment incurred outside the UK.

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Last updated 03/11/10
Amendment 110 - November 2010