Employment code:

Appendix A7.5

Equal pay policy

1. Equal pay statement

We promote equality of opportunity for all and aim to eliminate discrimination in the workplace. We support the principle of the relevant legislation that male and female employees should receive equal pay for the same or broadly similar work, for work rated as equivalent and for work of equal value. In order to achieve equal pay for employees doing equal work it is essential to operate a pay system which is transparent, based on objective criteria and free from gender bias. Please see section A3, (dignity and diversity at work) for measures to address issues of equality other than equal pay.

1.1. How our pay policy is implemented

We have identified the following areas for action:

An agreed set of monitoring data will be reviewed annually. This will include data on:

1.2. Appeals

The grievance procedure ( Section A12c: If things go wrong - capability issues) - is available if you believe that you are not receiving equal pay for work of equal value with a equivalent employee of the opposite sex.

Last updated 02/01/14
Amendment 167 - January 2014