Section A7: Pay and allowances:

Appendix A7.8i

Status of allowances (for pension, overtime etc)

Name of payments Pensionable / superannuable Subject to deduction of pension scheme contributions Eligible for overtime, premium pay & travelling time
Deputizing pay Y Y Y
Dog allowance N N N
Environmental allowance Y Y N
Extra duty pay (Pirbright) Y Y N
Footwear allowance N N N
Guaranteed overtime (Pirbright) Y Y N
Night allowance (BBSRC Office) Y N N
On-call allowance Y N N
Overalls allowance N N N
Overtime N N N
Premium payments Y N N
Responsibility review payment (permanent) Y Y Y
Responsibility review payment (temporary) N N N
Retention and recruitment allowance Y Y Y
Shift allowance Y N N
Special bonus N N N
Standby allowance Y N N
Terminal bonus N N N
Tool allowance N N N
Uniforms allowance N* N N

* Uniforms allowance is not pensionable but the pensionable pay of an employee in a uniformed grade is enhanced - see the rules of the pension scheme.

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Last updated 07/10/08
Amendment 50 - October 2008