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1. Introduction
2. Expenses you can claim

1. Introduction

This section deals with permanent transfers to another location. Temporary changes of location are classed as detached duty, and is dealt with in appendix A11.1.

As detailed in paragraph 8 of the main page of section A2 (working for us), you can be compulsorily transferred to posts in locations which are within reasonable travelling distance of your home. You may also be able to transfer in order to avoid being made compulsorily redundant (whether or not the new location is within daily travelling distance), or you may transfer voluntarily to any other location for your own reasons.

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2. Expenses you can claim

2.1 Overview

You can claim for certain reasonable expenses incurred, as follows:

a) Compulsory transfer to a location within reasonable daily travelling of your home

You are entitled to reimbursement of any additional travel costs for a period of three years.

b) Voluntary transfer to avoid being made redundant

c) Other (voluntary) transfers in response to vacancy notices

2.2 Advance of salary

When an individual is moving to avoid redundancy, the receiving establishment may offer an advance of salary, up to six months salary. This advance is provided to help employees maintain the same standards of accommodation that they enjoyed at their previous site and is only applicable when the move results in the individual moving to an area where housing costs are recognised to be higher than their old site. The repayment period will be determined by the establishment, taking into consideration the size of the sum advanced, but will not exceed ten years or extend beyond the length of the expected date of retirement.

2.3 Miscellaneous costs

These are costs that arise directly from the moving of fixtures, fittings and possessions. Examples include:

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