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1. Role of BBSRC Personal Promotion Board (PPB)
2. Membership of the Personal Promotion Board (PPB)

Personal Promotion Board – role and membership

1. Role of BBSRC Personal Promotion Board (PPB)

1.1 The purpose of the Personal Promotion Board is to help ensure consistency and equal opportunities in personal promotion assessments across Institutes and Swindon office.

1.2 The role of the Board is not to challenge individual decisions made by local Panels, but rather to:

1.3 The PPB will meet annually and will view all nominations and interview reports considered by the local Personal Promotion Panels. It will also ratify the recommendations of the local panels for nominations to band G and above in non-science roles.

1.4 The PPB will also receive, review and monitor equal opportunity statistics and success rates.

1.5 The chair of the PPB will report annually (in a joint report with the chair of the IEB) to the Chief Executive and Institute Directors on whether he or she is satisfied that local Personal Promotion procedures have been operated fairly and with due regard to equality of opportunities, and will make recommendations for future action or change as appropriate.

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2. Membership of the Personal Promotion Board (PPB)

2.1 The BBSRC Personal Promotions Board will be chaired by a member of BBSRC Council or senior respected scientist.

2.2 Its membership will comprise:

2.3 The membership of the PPB is appointed by Appointments Board, which will bear in mind the need to achieve a balance of genders, as well as the importance of other diversity in the membership.

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