Policy and position statements:

Service First statement

Commitment to information access

BBSRC funds research and research training in universities, colleges and its institutes. The Council seeks at all times to operate in a responsive and effective way and to observe high standards of service delivery. This "Service First" statement summarises the key areas of the Council's commitment to high quality service.

The Council will operate effective equal opportunities policies and will deal with all users in a fair and equitable manner regardless of age, race, gender or disability. The Council will uphold the highest standards of integrity in all areas of its operation, following the recommendations of the Committee on Standards in Public Life.

Obtaining information about BBSRC research grants, research training awards and other BBSRC funding opportunities

The BBSRC website provides comprehensive information on the grants and training awards available through the BBSRC and the application procedures. Information on each scheme will be associated with relevant contact names, their e-mail and postal addresses, and the appropriate application form.

Contact names, scheme details and other key elements of information will be kept up-to-date on the Website, with amendments made within 5 days of changes.

For users without access to the BBSRC Website requiring information about applications for a research grant or a studentship, we will despatch as appropriate, within 5 working days, a copy of:

Submitting an application for a research grant, studentship or fellowship to BBSRC

When an applicant submits an application to BBSRC he/she can expect:

General correspondence and enquiries from users

We will provide an initial response to an e-mail enquiry within 5 working days of receipt, and to other correspondence from the public and users within 15 working days.

Give an initial response to a telephone or fax enquiry within 3 working days.

Provide telephone enquiry numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses and website addresses on all external documents.

Consulting users

BBSRC regularly consults its user communities through its Committees, Boards and Council, and undertakes to respond promptly and constructively to criticisms of standards of service. Additionally, the Council will maintain open channels for the receipts of unsolicited comments.