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Financial management review report

January 2013

BBSRC Financial management review report (PDF 945KB)

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This report is an output from the Financial Management review project sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (“BIS”). The report aims to provide a summary of the good practices operating across the PO, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (“BBSRC”), together with a view of opportunities for improvement and a draft action plan.

This review was initiated in July 2012 by way of a meeting with the BBSRC Sponsor Team, followed by a planning discussion with the BBSRC Director of Finance in September 2012. The approach adopted included a review of background material provided and a fieldwork phase, comprising a series of interviews with BBSRC finance and management teams and other senior internal stakeholders, which was carried out in October and November 2012. The fieldwork phase was followed by a period of analysis of the data collected, upon which a series of observations and findings, and opportunities for improvement are based. These were discussed with BBSRC and BIS to finalise this report.