Research Committee C

Genes, development and STEM* approaches to biology

*Science Technology Engineering and Maths – Committee C will consider generic STEM approaches to biology; specific applications will be considered by the Committee providing the appropriate biological context

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Core members

Simon Hubbard (Chair) - The University of Manchester
Constanze Bonifer (Deputy Chair) - University of Birmingham
Jurg Bahler - University College London
Timothy Barraclough - Imperial College London
Conrad Bessant - Cranfield University
Jeremy Brown - Newcastle University
Sarah Cartmell - The University of Manchester
Juliet Coates - University of Birmingham
Russell Cox - University of Bristol
Joao de Magalhaes - University of Liverpool
Dmitry Filatov - University of Oxford
Mark Girolami - University College London
Berthold Gottgens - University of Cambridge
Mike Hann - GlaxoSmithKline
Stuart Hassard - DeltaDot Ltd
Pawel Herzyk - University of Glasgow
Rob Krams - Imperial College London
Susan Lindsay - Newcastle University
Edward Louis - University of Leicester
Ketan Patel - University of Reading
Sari Pennings - The University of Edinburgh
Stefan Przyborski - Durham University/Reinnervate Ltd
Robert Sablowski - John Innes Centre
Andrea Streit - King's College London
Neil Thomas - The University of Nottingham

Members at last meeting 13RM2 (11-12 September 2013)

Professor Simon Hubbard (Chair) - The University of Manchester
Professor Constanze Bonifer (Deputy Chair) - University of Birmingham

Core members

Professor Tim Baraclough - Imperial College London
Dr Juliet Coates - University of Birmingham
Professor Berthold Gottgens - University of Cambridge
Dr Stuart Hassard - DeltaDot
Dr Sari Pennings - University of Edinburgh
Professor Stefan Przyborski - Durham University, Reinnervate Ltd

Pool members

Dr Daniela Barilla - University of York
Professor David Elliot - Newcastle University
Professor Dianne Ford - Newcastle University
Professor John Hunt - University of Liverpool
Professor Tom Owen-Hughes - University of Dundee
Dr Sebastian Shimeld - University of Oxford
Dr William Spooner - Eagle Genomics
Dr Eran Tauber - University of Leicester
Professor Paul Townsend - The University of Manchester
Dr Helen White-Cooper - Cardiff University
Dr Steven Russell - University of Cambridge

Meeting dates


18-19 February

21-22 May


25-26 February

20-21 May

23-24 September


19-20 February

21-22 May

11-12 September


28-29 February

15-16 May

18-19 September


16-17 February

25-26 May

19-20 October