Research Committee D

Molecules, cells and industrial biotechnology

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Core members

Chris Schofield (Chair) - University of Oxford
Simon Morley (Deputy Chair) - University of Sussex
Boyan Bonev - The University of Nottingham
David Brown - University of Kent
Mike Bushell - University of Surrey
Bernabette Byrne - Imperial College London
Gregory Challis - The University of Warwick
Paul Clarke - University of Dundee
Paul Dalby - University College London
Deborah Dunn-Walters - King's College London
Roy Goodacre - The University of Manchester
Helen Griffiths - Aston University
Frank James Gunn-Moore - University of St Andrews
Robert Henderson - University of Cambridge
Julia Hubbard - GlaxoSmithKline R&D Ltd
Terry Jackson - The Pirbright Institute
Nathalie Juge - Institute of Food Research
Sarah O'Connor - John Innes Centre/University of East Anglia
Klaus Okkenhaug - Babraham Institute
Richard Pickersgill - Queen Mary University of London
Jennifer Potts - The University of York
Susan Pyne - University of Strathclyde
Alasdair Robertson - SAL Scientific Ltd
Craig Nigel Robson - Newcastle University
Susan Rosser - University of Glasgow
Jonathan Tugwood - The University of Manchester
Andrew Turnell - University of Birmingham

Members at last meeting 13RM2 (11-12 September 2013)

Professor C Schofield (Chair) - University of Oxford
Professor S Morley (Deputy Chair) - University of Sussex

Core members

Dr Boyan Bonev - University of Nottingham
Professor David Brown - University of Kent
Dr Bernadette Byrne - Imperial College London
Professor Gregory Challis - University of Warwick
Professor Paul Dalby - University College London
Professor Helen Griffiths - Aston University
Dr Julia Hubbard - GlaxoSmithKline PLC
Dr Klaus Okkenhaug - Babraham Institute
Professor Jennifer Potts - University of York
Professor Craig Robson - Newcastle University
Dr Andrew Turnell - University of Birmingham

Pool members

Dr Namdar Baghaei-Yazdi - Biocaldol Ltd
Dr Paul Chapple - Queen Mary, University of London
Professor Sabine Flitsch - The University of Manchester
Dr Lorenzo Frigerio - University of Warwick
Dr Adrian Lapthorn - University of Glasgow
Professor Martin Lowe - The University of Manchester
Professor Michael McPherson - University of Leeds
Dr Fraser Murray - Shire Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Dr Jane Saffell - Imperial College London
Professor David Stephens - University of Bristol
Professor Dirk Werling - Royal Veterinary College

Meeting dates


25-26 February

20-21 May

23-24 September


19-20 February

21-22 May

11-12 September


28-29 February

15-16 May

18-19 September


16-17 February

25-26 May

19-20 October