Research Committee E

Responsible for the award of fellowships and other personal awards

The Committee will:

Committee E will also be represented on:

It meets 3 times a year:

Other meetings as required: including fellowship interview panels in April and November and departmental engagement visits. Members may also attend other BBSRC conferences including the biennial fellows conference.


We aim to have 16 members (including the Chair):

Richard Bardgett (Chair) - The University of Manchester
Martin Sheldon (Deputy Chair) - Swansea University
John Birch - Independent
Alexandra Brand - University of Aberdeen
Ian Eggleston - University of Bath
Donna Davies - University of Southampton
Peter Doyle - Unilever
Ian Furner - University of Cambridge
David Gavaghan - University of Oxford
Susan Healy - University of St Andrews
David Jones - University College London
Wendy Nicholson - The University of Edinburgh
Helen Osborn - University of Reading
Alan Raybould - Syngenta
Greg Tucker - The University of Nottingham
Andy Wells - Charnwood Technical Consulting Ltd

Meeting dates


21 March

1-2 May (fellowship interviews)

14-16 October

11-12 November (fellowship interviews)

17 December


22 March

10-11 October

6 December


14 December