Integrative and Systems Biology Panel

Systems biology is an approach by which biological questions are addressed through integrating data collection activities with computational/mathematical modelling activities to produce a better understanding of biological systems (or sub-systems). Data-testing and model development should proceed iteratively, to improve the knowledge of the system.

Our interests are in the application of systems biology research across our remit to improve understanding of the biological sciences and support its key stakeholders in the biotechnological, pharmaceutical, agriculture, food and healthcare industries.

The Integrative and Systems Biology (ISB) Panel is responsible for:


Professor A Hetherington (Chair) - University of Bristol
Professor I Booth - University of Aberdeen
Professor H Byrne - The University of Oxford
Professor A Coolen - Kings College London
Professor J Davies - The University of Manchester
Professor J Dow - University of Glasgow
Dr S Dunbar - Syngenta
Professor S Emmott - Microsoft, Cambridge
Professor L Hurst - University of Bath
Dr J Jones - Unilever
Dr E Klipp - Humboldt University Berlin
Professor S Oliver - University of Cambridge
Professor D Rand - University of Warwick
Professor J Stelling - ETH Zurich
Dr L Stephens - The Babraham Institute
Dr L Sweetlove - University of Oxford
Professor C Weijer - The University of Dundee

Meeting dates


11-12 October