Bioscience Skills and Careers Strategy Panel

This panel is responsible for developing and maintaining our policies to support the supply of trained people in the biosciences relevant to its user communities.

The panel provides advice on a range of issues, in particular:

In providing advice on the above issues, the panel will:

The panel meets twice a year:

Invited speakers or representatives from other organisations may also attend as required. Members may also attend BBSRC conferences such as the biennial fellows conference.

In addition, sub-groups including representation from both the panel and the wider user communities meet on an ad hoc basis to advise on specific skills issues.


We aim to have 10-12 members (including the Chair):

Membership will represent the range of bioscience research user communities (such as academia, industry and others) as well as bioscience research areas and enabling themes, especially those of strategic priority for BBSRC:

Professor Robert Beynon (Chair) - University of Liverpool
Dr Ilaria Bellantuono (Deputy Chair) - University of Sheffield
Ms Samantha Aspinall - University of Leeds
Dr Mark Berry - Unilever plc
Dr Liz Elvidge - Imperial College London
Dr Nick Goldman - EMBL-EBI
Dr Rachel Hackett - Greencore Group plc.
Professor Mandy MacLean - University of Glasgow
Professor David Richardson - University of East Anglia
Professor Jeremy Roberts - University of Nottingham
Professor Selwayan Saini - Inside Biometrics Ltd

Meeting dates and papers

Minutes for the past 3 years can be found below. If you would like to view older minutes please contact us using the details below.


13-14 April


1-2 April

24 November


21-22 March

18 September


22 March

5 September