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This system provides facilities to investigate current and completed research grants, institute projects, fellowships, studentships and training grants which are funded by BBSRC through various awards. You can find out what research, skills and career development is being supported, who is undertaking it, where it is being carried out and how much funding we have provided. By using this system you indicate that you accept the Terms of use.

Using the quick or advanced search, you can display awards matching your search criteria, view details, or further analyse the results by creating summary and custom reports.

A small number of schemes covering support for international activities, innovation and skills, and information on the individual students supported through some Training Grants are currently unavailable on the system.

This system is updated regularly, it was last updated on 12 August 2014.

BBSRC has 3,534 current awards with a total value of £1,404,033,436.