International programmes:


A transnational funding initiative, within the ERA-Net scheme, that brings together 16 ministries and funding agencies from 13 countries to coordinate their national research programmes in systems biology and agree on a common European research agenda.

ERASysBio is committed to supporting the field of systems biology by stimulating and facilitating programme coordination and joint activities in the field; not only in EU Member States but also in associated countries.


ERASysBio partner countries are Germany (coordination), Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Israel, Italy (Autonomous Province of Trento), the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Slovenia, Spain and the UK. Affiliated partners are Luxemburg and Switzerland.

Joint calls


As a first step in developing activities under workpackage 5, SysMO was launched in 2005 as a transnational initiative for the funding of research on systems biology in microorganisms.

This first call of the ERASysBio consortium is financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture in Austria, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, the Research Council of Norway, Ministry of Education and Science in Spain, and BBSRC.

Eleven consortia, including 89 groups across Europe, are funded under this initiative with a financial commitment across all partners of approximately €30M.

SysMO-DB – supporting data access and integration

SysMO-DB is a horizontal structure for the management of data and models that is being developed to support all the 89 groups of the SysMO scientific community. The structure aims at the progressive exchange of scientific data and models and their use across the borders of projects and nations.

Further information can be found on the SysMO-DB website.

ERASysBio second transnational call

We are supporting UK researchers in the second call of the ERA-NET for systems biology ERASysBio. We are assessing applications submitted to this call in two steps. Successful applications where be announced in autumn 2009.

Further information can be found on the ERASysBio website. UK applicants can contact BBSRC for specific enquiries.


ERASysBio is structured in 6 workpackages: