Exploiting new ways of working


Exploiting New Ways of Working (ENWW) is one of three enabling themes in the current BBSRC Strategic Plan: The Age of Bioscience (2010-2015). The ENWW theme promotes innovative working practices underpinning all of BBSRC's research remit, in an era of rapid technological advancement. Strategy development in the ENWW area is informed by the ENWW Strategy Advisory Panel (ENWW SAP), which brings together eleven experts from academia and industry to advise BBSRC (see below).


Cutting-edge bioscience is critically dependent on the availability of modern research infrastructure and the adoption of new ways of working:


Exploiting New Ways of Working Strategy Advisory Panel

The ENWW SAP, and its associated expert working group(s), provide advice to BBSRC on the strategic direction of its research, training and knowledge exchange portfolio in areas relevant to ENWW, in order to maintain the competitiveness of the UK in line with the Strategic Plan. Working groups are established in order to provide in-depth strategic advice on a particular topic and normally meet 2-3 times. Recent ENWW SAP working groups have considered digital organisms and metagenomics.

Annual calls

Looking ahead

BBSRC will continue to support developments in tools, technologies and computational approaches that enable researchers to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and increase the impact of their research.

Through the delivery of targeted initiatives, such as the 'Crowd Sourcing for the Biological Sciences' and 'Synthetic Biology Research Centres' calls, BBSRC will support emerging areas and ensure researchers are able to take advantage of the latest cutting edge developments.