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Browser compatibility

We have designed this website to be compatible with a range of web browsers and operating systems. To this end we have tested the site on various platforms, aiming to offer the same high quality experience regardless of a user's chosen browser or operating system (OS).

As browsers and operating systems are constantly updated, the following compatibility matrix represents previous and current systems that have been tested. As new systems are developed BBSRC will endeavour to test and maintain compatibility with the widest and most frequently used platforms.

If the browser and/or OS is not listed, the site should still function correctly because it aims to conform to:

The site uses cascading stylesheets (CSS) for all visual presentation elements. If your browser does not support CSS or if you turn CSS off in your browser, the content should still be readable.

The site uses Flash and JavaScript technology to enrich the experience of interacting with certain pages. It is possible to block these elements without the page becoming inoperable, however, our videos will not display.  If you wish to restrict or turn off Flash or JavaScript, please consult your browser's help guide.

If you have any comments regarding the site's accessibility please contact us.

Desktop browser compatibility matrix

Browser/OS IE6-8 Firefox Chrome Safari Opera SeaMonkey Netscape
Windows XP OK OK OK OK OK SW !
Windows Vista OK OK OK OK OK OK N/A
Windows 7 OK OK OK OK OK SW N/A
Macintosh OSX N/A OK SW OK SW N/A N/A
Ubuntu (Linux) N/A OK N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


OK = browser has been tested. Those marked N/A do not apply. For example, Internet Explorer is no longer available for Macintosh computers, and Netscape has been discontinued.

SW = browser has not yet been tested, but should work (SW) - for example, SeaMonkey uses the same engine (known as Gecko) as Firefox, so the site should function properly on Windows XP, using SeaMonkey.

! = browser has some compatibility issues; Netscape 9 for example is slow to load and some functionality is disabled. However, while the site is accessible via Netscape, the site may function better with CSS turned off.

EU browser compatibility

Microsoft operating systems now offer a choice of browsers in addition to Internet Explorer. These browsers have been tested across the most popular Microsoft operating systems to ensure the BBSRC website works in these browsers.

EU browser compatibility

EU browser/OS Avant Flock Green browser K-Meleon Maxthon2 Sleipnir Slimbrowser
Windows Vista OK OK OK OK OK OK OK
Windows 7 OK OK OK OK OK OK OK

Mobile browser compatibility

The site has been tested on a number of mobile platforms, including:

  • Apple iPhone - Safari Browser
  • Apple iPad - Safari Browser
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 - Opera Mobile, Opera Mini (beta), Opera Mobile 10, Skyfire.

The website can be accessed from devices that offer a browser that supports HTML.

Due to the current limitation of mobile devices and browsers, video and audio content may not work on all hand held devices due to lack of support for Flash, Javascript and Silverlight content. Certain mobile browsers (Skyfire for example) that use a server-side rendering engine can support these types of content.

JavaScript image gallery

Throughout the site images are often presented in galleries that use Javascript.

The JavaScript gallery is used to help enrich the experience of viewing images on certain pages, however, by disabling JavaScript, the images should still be available and accessible.

Although the image galleries have been tested in all major browsers, it is possible that individual user settings and browser specific rendering of JavaScript and css may result in the gallery functioning differently from what is expected. Should you encounter problems using the image gallery, please contact the web team.

Please note:

BBSRC does not favour or endorse any one operating system, browser or hand held device over another. It is our intention to ensure the website is compatible with as many systems, programs and devices as possible, giving the user the freedom to choose the technology preferable to them.

If you encounter a problem when using our website please contact Digital Communications.