Science in society:

National Science and Engineering Week

Across the country during National Science and Engineering week (NSEW), BBSRC Institutes and researchers hold events and carry out activities.

NSEW (formerly National Science Week) is a 10 day programme of around 3,500 events running throughout the whole of the UK with the aim of celebrating science, engineering and technology and its importance in our lives. With no restrictions on who can organise events, the topics on which they are focused, the audience or the venue, the resulting programme is a hugely varied and eclectic mix suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Institute activities

Babraham Institute run Schools' Science Day annually during NSEW since 1994. This is a hands-on science event for around 150 pupils from local secondary (usually years 10 and 11) and 6th form colleges. The pupils take part in practical science projects in the Institute's laboratories, supervised by our researchers and PhD students. This provides an invaluable learning opportunity both to work alongside scientists at the bench and to hear about their career paths.

The John Innes Centre, the Institute of Food Research and The Genome Analysis Centre come together to hold Science in Norwich Day and Showcase of Young Science during the week.

North Wyke Science Fair has been enthusiastically attended by local primary schools during NSEW for well over 10 years. It is an opportunity for children to meet "real" scientists and to have fun with science and hopefully gain a much more positive view of science.

NSEW awards

BBSRC Institutes have been recognised in the NSEW awards.

In 2011 Patricia Butler, from Rothamsted Research, received an Outstanding Contribution award for North Wyke Science Fair.