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Research Committee D

Molecules, cells and industrial biotechnology

For research topics covered by each Research Committee and to apply for funding visit our Responsive mode research grants and How to apply pages (see related links).

Core members

Simon Morley (Chair) – University of Sussex
Bernadette Byrne (Deputy Chair) – Imperial College London
David Stephens (Deputy Chair) – University of Bristol
Arne Akbar – University College London
Kathryn Ayscough – The University of Sheffield
Namdar Baghaei-Yazdi – Biotech Consultants Ltd
Gary Black – Northumbria University
Anastasia Callaghan – University of Portsmouth
Michelangelo Campanella – Royal Veterinary College, London
Martin Cann – Durham University
Paul Chapple – Queen Mary, University of London
Deborah Dunn-Walters – King's College London
Sabine Flitsch – The University of Manchester
Jane Grasby – The University of Sheffield
Diane Hanger – King's College London
Nicholas Harmer – University of Exeter
Venkateswarlu Kanamarlapudi – Swansea University
Adrian Lapthorn – University of Glasgow
Peter Levison – Pall Life Sciences
Michael McPherson – University of Leeds
Michelle Peckham – University of Leeds
Susan Rosser – The University of Edinburgh
Jane Saffell – Imperial College London
David Scott – The University of Nottingham
Geerten Vuister – University of Leicester
Kevin Wright – Procter & Gamble Technical Centres Ltd

For a list of members who attended the last three meetings visit our Recent grant awards page (see related links).

Meeting dates


  • 13-14 February


  • 7-8 February
  • 16-17 May
  • 19-20 September


  • 2-3 February
  • 11-12 May
  • 22-23 September


  • 18-19 February
  • 21-22 May
  • 16-17 September


  • 25-26 February
  • 20-21 May
  • 23-24 September


Research Committee D