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A team of scientists led by Dr Pierre-Marc Delaux of the John Innes Centre has solved a long-running mystery about the first stages of plant life on earth. The team of scientists from the John Innes Centre, the University of Wisconsin – Madison and other international collaborators, has discovered how an ancient alga was able to inhabit land, before it went on to evolve into the world’s first plant and colonise the earth.

BBSRC is seeking the opinions of non-faculty researchers performing essential research and research support roles. These staff are involved in activities such as (but not restricted to): Operation and development of instrumentation; Support for and development of software; Support for data analysis, curation and management, including statistical and bioinformatics support; Support for experimental methods, data collection, sample preparation.

A new partnership between two BBSRC strategically-funded institutes is sequencing the genomes of a collection of yeast strains, to help unlock the great biodiversity within them to produce biofuels and other chemicals more sustainably. The UK National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) is a world-leading biological resource at the Institute of Food Research (IFR), maintaining and supplying an extraordinarily diverse array of yeast strains for academia and industry in the UK and overseas.

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