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Appendix A1.2

Personal merit appointments (outline procedure)

Appointments at band G or band PC2 level can be made on a personal merit basis. The following provides a framework for such appointments to be made, whilst maintaining the element of competition necessary under our recruitment procedures:

  • Institute management establishes a prima facie case for a merit appointment (this could be on "structural" grounds; anticipating the need for some exceptional talent; or possibly reflecting retention/recruitment difficulties)
  • The Chair of the Senior Management Review Group (SMRG) accepts the prima facie case, and nominates 2 SMRG members to take part in the selection process, including interviews (see paragraph 6, appendix A6.10 main page  for further information about the SMRG)
  • The selection process (including job descriptions, person specifications etc.) is monitored by the SMRG secretariat
  • The SMRG members have the authority to agree personal merit appointments on behalf of the Chief Executive, but would consult the SMRG Chair on starting salaries above the SPP
  • The personal merit designation is monitored annually by SMRG, as for all other personal merit holders

Further promotion opportunities are explained in section A6.

Last updated 14/04/11
Amendment 126 - April 2011