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Bioscience puts a lot on his plate

Ensuring food security is not just about producing more and more food, it is also important that this food is healthy and nutritious and that waste is kept to a minimum.

Scientists are studying some of the hundreds of different molecules in the foods we eat to find more about:

  • Their properties
  • How some could be important nutrients
  • How others are involved in determining shelf life
  • How their levels change when foods are stored and start to break down

Bioscience makes broccoli better for you

Broccoli is major natural source of a potential anticancer compound called sulforaphane, so eating few portions of the vegetable each week may help protect against cancer.

However, only half of us have the right form of a gene that enables us to make the best use of sulforaphane. To help the other half, scientists at the Institute of Food Research have bred a variety of super broccoli that contains 3 times more sulforaphane than ordinary broccoli and eating this should give everyone the full health benefits. Super broccoli is now being taken through to the marketplace by Seminis Inc.

Scientists are also investigating the natural genetic variation in broccoli to discover the genes responsible for traits that make broccoli that stores well with less loss of nutrients.


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