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IBTI Club: Apply for funding

Call status: Closed



UK Higher Education Institutions, Independent Research Organisations and institutes of BBSRC are eligible to apply.

How to apply

Successful applicants will be invited to write a full application in September 2011 for submission by November 2011 (dates to be confirmed). Impact statements will be required for grant applications that are selected for the second stage, full grant applications, and should be formulated to meet the needs of biorefinery processes.


Outline applications will be assessed by the IBTI Club Steering Group and will not be externally reviewed. Full applications will be externally peer reviewed prior to final assessment by the IBTI Club Steering Group. The decision to fund full applications will be announced in May 2010. Further details on assessment are as follows:

Assessment criteria

The primary criteria for assessment are the quality of science proposed and the strategic relevance to the IBTI Club. It is expected that any proposal that goes on to be funded through the Club will be competitive against comparable international work and will demonstrate alignment with the Club’s aims. Proposals will be assessed against the following criteria:

Special conditions of funding

Recognising the financial support for the programme from industrial members of the Club, it should be noted that special conditions will be attached to any research grants from the IBTI Club. A letter from the institution’s technology transfer office or equivalent, acknowledging that the institution is able to accept those conditions relating to IP, will be requested at the full application stage. The conditions are as follows:

Early access

Commercial parties are entitled to early access to results from research funded by the Club. To ensure this grant holders must:

Access to resulting IPR

Commercial Parties are entitled, if they wish, to engage in good faith negotiations with the Research Organisation for terms of access to the Resulting IPR to allow further development or commercial exploitation of results, such access rights preferably to include the right to sublicense. This must be offered before access to Resulting IPR can be offered to third parties outside the Club. An interested Commercial Party can exercise its option right by giving notice to the Grant Holder within one month of the date of receipt of notice of Results or Resulting IPR.

Good faith negotiations

Good faith negotiations would imply a willingness to reach agreement with Commercial Parties on the terms and conditions of a commercial licence, to desist from publishing the Results or making offers to third parties while negotiation with Commercial Parties are ongoing and, if such agreement is not reached within a reasonable period (for example four months from the exercise of the option) that the Research Organisation would not seek to enter into negotiations with third parties on terms substantially more favourable to such third parties.