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Application deadlines

Next responsive mode application deadline: 28 April 2015, 4pm

Applications for grant funding can be made to the Research Committees under our responsive mode scheme, on any topic within our portfolio.

Applications must:

  • Be completed using the Joint Electronic Submission system (Je-S)
  • Applicants should select:
    • Council: BBSRC
    • Doc Type: Standard Proposal
    • Scheme: Responsive Mode
    • Call/Type/Mode: Responsive Mode – 28 April 2015, 4pm
  • Be submitted before 4pm on the day of the application deadline. No extensions to deadlines will be accepted. We recommend you submit well in advance of the application deadline
  • Nominate a Research Committee to review the application. Our scientifically-qualified staff will perform a remit check and make a final decision on which Committee will peer review the application. This decision is final and you will be informed once funding decisions have been finalised

Responsive mode deadlines

Application deadlines and Committee meeting dates

Round Application deadline Committee meeting dates
(when applications are assessed)
Committee Chairs meeting dates
15RM1 8 January 2015, 4pm 21-22 May 2015 June 2015 TBC
15RM2 28 April 2015, 4pm TBC TBC
15RM3 23 September 2015, 4pm TBC TBC

Note for applicants: Please do not contact us after the Committee meeting about the success of your application. We operate a strict policy not to provide this information prior to a final funding decision made by the Committee Chairs, who meet approximately one month after the last Committee meeting.

You will be formally contacted, shortly following the Committee Chairs meeting, by the office regarding the outcome of your application once the final funding decision has been confirmed.

Strategic longer larger grants

Timeline for 2015 outline applications

Outline call launch 8 January 2015
Application deadline for outline proposals 14 April 2015
Outline proposals assessed by Strategic LoLa Committee June 2015 TBC
Outcomes and feedback to successful applicants 2015 TBC
Application deadline for full proposals 2015 TBC
Full proposals assessed by Committees A, B, C, D 2015 TBC
Full proposals assessed by Strategic LoLa Committee 2015 TBC

Timeline for 2015 full proposal (invite only) applications

Application deadline for outline proposals 8 January 2015
Full proposals assessed by Committees A, B, C, D May 2015
Full proposals assessed by Strategic LoLa Committee June 2015 (date TBC)

Special opportunities

Specific initiatives open for applications can be found on our special opportunities page.


The following are open to applications:


There are currently no studentship calls open.