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List of recent changes

V11.09 – October 2014

ROS reporting guidelines – 30 April 2014

The Research Councils are currently migrating the outcomes data into a new harmonised collection system hosted by Researchfish. As a consequence, the ROS system will be frozen after 30 April 2014 to allow data in ROS to be migrated into the system. No further changes to ROS data will be possible after this date.

Please refer to the RCUK website  for further details and regular updates on how this project is progressing. The RCUK site will also provide information regarding the Question Set and when you will be able to access the new system.

We do not expect its research community to enter outcomes against grants into an outcomes collection system during the data freeze period commencing 30 April 2014. We will inform Research Organisations and Principal Investigators once the new system is in place in the Autumn of 2014, and will subsequently require that grant outcomes are updated to comply with our requirements within three months of this date.

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