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Translational Fellowships

Call status: Closed
Next application deadline: 2016 TBC

Aimed at

Early career researchers from academia or industry who have demonstrated high potential, and who wish to establish an independent academic career focused on the translation of fundamental bioscience research. The current call will support the translation of basic plant science into crop science research.

Nature of award

  • Awards are for 5 years, up to 2 fellowships are available, and include personal salary and a significant research support grant.
  • Applications are welcome from candidates seeking flexible working arrangements (e.g. part-time); see the Fellowships handbook for further information (see downloads).
  • Translational Fellowships are distinct and, in addition to the standard BBSRC David Phillips fellowships, are awarded annually.
  • It will be mandatory for Translational Fellows to incorporate an interchange with relevant stakeholder(s), either during or after the fellowship term.

Following the award of a Translational Fellowship, additional support will be made available for the interchange through our FLexible Interchange Programme (FLIP).

Research areas

Submit a proposal on crop science research in any area within our portfolio. The main focus of research projects will be on the crop species themselves and not on model organisms. We particularly encourage proposals which are aligned with our overarching strategic priorities (see related links) and involving:

  • the translation of basic plant science into crop science research
  • agricultural crops and systems
  • integration of the latest bioscience and modelling techniques
  • collaborative working with industry

Please note that underpinning research not directly relevant to food security is excluded.


  • Applicants should not exceed 12 years in active postgraduate research studies and postdoctoral research employment
  • Applicants should have no less than 3 years of active postdoctoral research experience

Note: where applicants meet the eligibility criteria for a David Phillips Fellowships they will automatically be considered for the David Phillips scheme alongside their application for a Translational Fellowship.

Value for money

Applicants and host organisations should note that value for money is an essential criterion against which fellowship applications will be assessed, alongside excellence and other key criteria. For this competition this criterion will be given significant weighting during the assessment process and reviewers and Committee E will also be looking for written evidence that the host organisation will contribute significant support, either financially or in-kind support if an award is made. Proposals that do not provide clear evidence that the research programme is highly competitive in terms of value for money, and in providing additional funding commitments, are unlikely to be successful.

Applicants must ensure that the Partnership Details section of the Je-S proforma contains details of all institutional support that will be made available if the applicant is successful in obtaining a BBSRC award. In addition, the justification of resources attachment must clearly show why the resources requested are good value for money and why it is in BBSRC's interests to provide investment. Also letters of support from all parties contributing financial or other support should be uploaded to the proposal under the Letters of Support attachment giving full and accurate details of the commitments being made.

As stated above, we will ask reviewers and Committee E to take account of the investment that host organisations are committed to making if an award is successful. This may be through co-funding particular aspects of the proposal, a commitment to enhance the fellowship with additional funding or improved access to research facilities. We also encourages proposals which are able to use BBSRC's investment to leverage additional funding from other sources.

How to apply

This call is closed to applications.

Submit an application electronically via the Joint Electronic Submissions (Je-S) system (see external links) from 1 July 2014 with the following mandatory attachments (see also Je-S TF help text in application downloads below):

  1. CV (see applications downloads below). You should complete the standard CV template. We do not accept standalone CVs.
  2. Case for support and track record
  3. Diagrammatic work plan
  4. Data management plan
  5. List of publications, patents, (for applicants based in industry) reports of trials or products developed, or equivalent outputs
  6. Head of Department statement
  7. Justification of resources
  8. Pathways to impact plan

Fellowships are awarded under full economic costing (fEC).  You should submit costed research support grant application in line with the grants guide (see related links).

Detailed guidance on how to complete proposal forms and proposal attachments can be found in the Je-S TF help text (see below) and in the Fellowships Handbook (see downloads above). Note: Please do not use the fellowship help text in the Je-S system.

We do not accept late applications.

Important: applicants should ensure applications are submitted to their host institution's Je-S submitter/approval pool well in advance (a minimum of 5 working days) of the published deadline. This enables institution checks to be carried out before final submission to us.

2014 Application timeline

Application deadline 5 November 2014, 4pm
Fellowship proposal sift 17 December 2014
Refereeing January-March 2015
Fellowship shortlisting for interviews March 2015
Fellowship interviews April-May 2015
Fellowship award notification by May 2015

Application downloads

CV template (DOC 125KB)

You may need to download additional plug-ins to open this file.

Je-S DP help text (PDF 490KB)

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