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Stage 2 – full application

Call status: Closed
Next full application deadline: TBC

How to apply

Applicants of successful outline proposals will be invited to submit a full proposal to the following January responsive mode deadline. Submit your full proposal through the Research Councils' Joint Electronic Submission (Je-S) System.

Applicants should note that all multi-institution full strategic lolas will be required to be submitted on a single Je-S form i.e. the whole of the requested amount for the project will be awarded to the institution of the lead principal investigator (PI).

Requests for equipment

In common with other Research Councils, BBSRC has a very restricted budget available for equipment and other capital items. Applicants requesting items of equipment costing over £10k in their full sLoLa applications will be required to follow our guidelines set out in our grants guide and on our 'research equipment guidance' webpage (see related links).

Pathways to impact

All submitted full applications will be expected to have a comprehensive Pathways to Impact document setting out appropriate activities to explore the major areas of potential impact for the research. This will include suitably comprehensive activity in postdoctoral development.


Standard eligibility rules apply, as described in our grants guide (see related links). In addition:

  • Applicants must have a track record of securing BBSRC funding as lead PI. This should be at least 3 competitively awarded BBSRC research grants over the past 10 years or an equivalent track record in an institute of BBSRC. Final report evaluations of these grants will be taken into account during the assessment process. Senior scientists returning to the UK from overseas must have an equivalent track record. (Please note: BBSRC Research Equipment Initiative grants, studentships, outlines and awards that have not been competitively awarded will not be considered as part of the applicant's BBSRC track record)
  • To further encourage applications within strategic focus areas, Principal Investigators applying in these areas who do not meet the formal track record requirements above will be considered eligible provided they can clearly explain how their previous experience demonstrates the appropriate competence to conduct the proposed project
  • The PI must commit at least 8 hours per week on the sLoLa project
  • The PI must not already be lead PI on an existing LoLa or sLoLa (unless the grant is in its final year)


All proposals must be within our remit. We encourage multidisciplinary proposals but we strongly advise potential applicants to contact us beforehand to discuss the application if aspects of the proposal are outside of our remit.