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Centres for integrative systems biology


EPSRC circa 17%

Funding total


Number of projects funded


List of awards This is a cumulative list which includes first and second rounds


To establish a number of Centres for Integrative Systems Biology in partnership with relevant universities. These centres are to possess the vision, breadth of intellectual leadership and research resources to integrate traditionally separate disciplines such as biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics and physics in a programme of international quality research in quantitative and predictive systems biology.

Key aims

  • To provide the requisite range of experimental and computational facilities, including e.g. high throughput post genomic technologies and/or other relevant physical and chemical techniques, supported by the necessary technical expertise
  • To offer this within an environment that attracts and supports the required diversity of top-quality scientists and engineers in a physical and intellectual context conducive to integrative working
  • To possess the capability and drive to advance the application of modern research techniques and lead the development of new technologies
  • To sustain and develop a programme of international quality science focussed on important problems, integrating experimental and predictive approaches to systems biology research


Michael Booth

tel: 01793 418013