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ERA-CAPS - first joint call

Expanding the European Research Area in molecular plant sciences. This call is administered by DFG in Germany.


16 funding organisations from 15 countries:

  • Austria (FWF)
  • Belgium (F.R.S.-FNRS)
  • Denmark (DASTI)
  • France (INRA)
  • Germany (DFG)
  • Ireland (DAFM/Teagasc)
  • Israel (MOARD)
  • Latvia (LZA)
  • The Netherlands (NWO)
  • New Zealand (MBIE)
  • Norway (RCN)
  • Poland (NCBiR)
  • Portugal (FCT)
  • Serbia (MPNTR)

Funding total

Not yet awarded.

No. of projects funded

Not yet awarded.


To embed molecular plant sciences more firmly in national policies whilst continuing to fund excellent research in this area by means of two joint calls.

Key aims

To allow maximum engagement of the plant science community, this first call was broad in scope covering all areas of molecular plant science, but especially those applications within any of the following themes:

  • Food security
  • Non-food crops
  • Adaptation to a changing climate
  • Biotic/abiotic stress


UK eligibility queries
Tristan Glenn, Assistant Peer Review Officer

tel: 01793 413392

Other ERA-CAPS queries
Paul Wiley, ERA-CAPS Senior Programme Manager

tel: 01793 413379