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ERA-CAPS second joint call

Expanding the European research area in molecular plant sciences

This call is administered by DFG in Germany.

Pre-proposal call status: Closed
Full proposal application deadline (invite only): 18 July 2014, 11am (12pm Central European Time)

Important note: Due to a recent decision of the Executive Board of the French Agence National de la Recherche, ANR has withdrawn as a funding partner from the second ERA-CAPS call for proposals. The ERA-CAPS Network regrets the withdrawal of ANR but hopes for renewed collaboration in the future. 

The ERA-Net for Coordinating Action in Plant Sciences (ERA-CAPS) has launched its second joint call for applications in the area of molecular plant sciences.

There will be a two-stage application process. Pre-proposals will be assessed by a review panel and selected applications will be invited to submit a full proposal.


To allow maximum engagement of the plant science community, the call follows the same broad scope as the first call covering all areas of molecular plant science. Although no specific topics have been defined, the funding organisations welcome high quality applications in the themes:

  • Food security
  • Non-food crops
  • Adaptation to a changing climate
  • Biotic/abiotic stress

The call does not exclude other areas of molecular plant science. It is expected that the call will jointly provide funds in the order of €20M. Up to £6M of BBSRC funding is available to support UK researchers within ERA-CAPS consortia.

Funding partners

In this second joint ERA-CAPS call, 18 funding organisations from 17 countries are participating:

  • Austria (FWF)
  • Belgium (FWO & F.R.S-FNRS)
  • Denmark (DASTI)
  • Estonia (ETAg)
  • Germany (DFG)
  • Hungary (MTA-OTKA)
  • Israel (MOARD)
  • Italy (MIUR)
  • Latvia (LZA)
  • New Zealand (MBIE)
  • Norway (RCN)
  • Poland (NCBiR)
  • Portugal (FCT)
  • Serbia (MPNTR)
  • Switzerland (SNF)
  • United Kingdom (BBSRC)
  • United States of America (NSF)


Project consortia should consist of a minimum of three partners from three different countries, at least two of them being a participating ERA-CAPS partner or observer country (note that applicants from countries other than those listed above must provide their own funding). Research teams and institutions must be eligible for funding according to their national regulations. These are outlined in National Annexes available on the ERA-CAPS website - please see at: For those countries without a national annex yet, we recommend that potential consortia contact the relevant funding agency directly for advice.

How to apply

For further details and how to apply please visit the ERA-CAPS website. For guidance please also see the call text download below.

Application download


UK eligibility queries
Tristan Glenn, Assistant Peer Review Officer

tel: 01793 413392

Other ERA-CAPS queries
Paul Wiley, ERA-CAPS Senior Programme Manager

tel: 01793 413379