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Animal Welfare

25 February 2005

BBSRC Council has recommended support for a major programme of research and training on animal welfare centred around four Veterinary Schools, but encompassing a number of other groups including research that will be transferred from Silsoe Research Institute. An important feature will be that research from the participating groups is to be coordinated, both between groups and, where appropriate, with other animal welfare research supported by BBSRC.

Awards will be made shortly and are expected to total just under £8M. Further details will be published in due course. The support recommended by BBSRC Council is indicated in the following Table; however, these figures are estimates and are subject to change. Researchers must await official confirmation before making commitments against their award.

Institutions Involved Investigator Programme Title Total Cost Grant Reference
University of Bristol
University of Oxford
Dr M Mendl Advancing animal welfare.
Welfare assessment and early life programming.
£2,753,407 BB/C518949/1
Royal Veterinary College Professor D Pfeiffer BB/C518930/1
University of Edinburgh Professor S Fleetwood-Walker Perinatal programming of stress response and nociceptive mechanisms, and the welfare consequences £2,658,802 BB/C518957/1
University of Glasgow Professor A Nolan BB/C518965/1
Scottish Agricultural College
Roslin Institute
Professor A Lawrence BB/C518973/1
Royal Veterinary College Professor CM Wathes Welfare of farm animals: Environmental perception, cognition, interaction and management £2,532,815 BB/C518922/1


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