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Invitation to submit evidence to the RCUK international review of e-Science 2009

25 August 2009

RCUK have asked the EPSRC, on behalf of all Research Councils, to conduct a review of e-Science over the coming months and we are keen to hear the views of the widest possible audience.

The main components of the review are data analysis, a public consultation and a visit by a panel of international experts from 7–11 December 2009. During that visit the Panel will meet with approximately 26 institutions and each of these will be asked to provide evidence directly, as will a number of other stakeholders.

The review comprises two key stages:

  • Information and data collection
  • Review week during which the panel will meet with some of the leading e-Science scientists in the UK

Following the review week the panel will prepare a written report, the findings of which will be presented at a public town meeting in early February 2010 (date to be confirmed). Subsequently the Research Councils will develop an action plan in conjunction with stakeholders.

Further information on how to contribute can be found on the EPSRC website (see external links). The deadline for submission of comments is 25 September 2009.


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