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News from 2014 tagged as animal health


Call for research to improve the welfare of managed animals news

Does stress in childhood make us more impulsive adults? press release


UK commits £20.5M to combat worldwide animal diseases that could spread to humans BBSRC press release


Business Secretary Vince Cable opens pioneering new facilities to help protect the UK from viruses BBSRC press release

TGAC leads research to help identify animal-to-human transmitted diseases press release


New methods for monitoring and improving the welfare of laboratory dogs news

20 years of healthy ageing feature

Burnt out birds suggest hard work could be bad for your health press release

Study reveals diverse molecular mechanisms underlying evolution press release


New veterinary vaccinology network will help tackle threat of animal diseases, including those spreading to humans BBSRC press release

Clues to tendon ageing unlocked for the first time press release

How horses communicate with their ears press release


Bill Gates visits BBSRC investment press release

Breakthrough in fight against deadly chicken disease press release

Great British bioscience pioneers – Professor Helen Sang feature

New Science Minister announces 'war cabinet' to tackle antimicrobial resistance on all fronts press release

Researchers use 'Big Data' approach to map the relationships between human and animal diseases feature

£7M for new approaches to tackling bovine tuberculosis BBSRC press release

Scientists complete pig exome press release

New model for Bovine TB highlights emphasis on cattle press release

A sheep's early life experiences can shape behaviour in later life press release


Scientists create world-first 'heavy mouse' press release

72 organisations sign Concordat on Openness on Animal Reseach in the UK press release

Workshop to improve welfare of billions of hens news


Ticks help spread lumpy skin disease among cattle press release

Changing cows' diet could help tackle heart disease press release

KTP: Improving the health and well-being of dairy cows feature


Great British bioscience pioneers – Professor John Anderson feature

Light bursts from power cables seen by animals BBSRC press release

Scientists gain insights into pig disease which costs farmers millions BBSRC press release

Horses set to gain health benefits from stem cell advance press release


Princess Royal praises collaborations to safeguard livestock news