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Food security news

Feelings often run high where insects are concerned, with many people even squeamish to look at them, let alone touch or swallow them. And yet insects present a huge nutritional opportunity as an increasing global population seeks sustainable sources of food and feed.

Following 10 years of large-scale, international research, a handful of scientists finally assemble the wheat genome to its most complete and contiguous state. The wheat genome is both colossal and complex, over five times the size of the human genome, and has posed an immense puzzle to scientists for decades.

A potato modified to resist the devastating disease ‘late blight’ has proven a brilliant success, says BBSRC-funded scientists based at Norwich Research Park. The team, led by Professor Jonathan Jones and part of BBSRC’s Horticulture and Potato Initiative (HAPI), have introduced a blight-resistant gene from a wild potato to its close relative, the popular Maris Piper.