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International knowledge hub to link climate change and food security research

13 July 2011

BBSRC-funded researchers are invited to join a virtual knowledge hub in the area of agriculture, food security and climate change. This is under a new European Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) jointly led by BBSRC and the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA).

A programme of research will be enabled by the FACCE (Food security, Agriculture and Climate ChangE) Knowledge Hub, which brings together major European modellers in the areas of crops, livestock and trade to look at how climate variability and change impact on these models. Interested research groups, with BBSRC current funding in this area, are invited to express their willingness to join the hub (see notes).

This is part of the Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change JPI, which is designed to align national programming around these major global challenges. EU member states and associated countries work together under the JPI to a common vision and strategic research agenda. Partners will fund coordination costs to join the knowledge hub aimed at producing a detailed climate change risk assessment for European agriculture and food security.

Professor Douglas Kell, Chief Executive, BBSRC said "International collaborations allow us to ensure that we are able to tackle the greatest global challenges we face. We are working strategically with our partners in the area of climate change, agriculture and food security. Through this we have the opportunity to ensure the gaps in our knowledge are filled; duplication of effort is avoided; and as a whole community of researchers we have a critical mass of people, skills, knowledge, and resources that is necessary to make progress in this area."

The duration of the Knowledge Hub will be 3 years for a first phase, followed by an evaluation with a perspective of a two year extension, subject to a successful review and budget availability. In the first stage, interested research groups will send a letter of intent in English, expressing their willingness to join the Knowledge Hub.


Notes to editors

Letters of intent must be submitted to the Call office (see below) by September 7, 2011 (01:00 pm CET) through the FACCE call ESS (electronic submission server) system.

The Call office is set up at Research Centre Jülich/Project Management Group (JÜLICH).

For enquiries about this pilot call, please contact Nicolas Tinois at the Call Office: Nicolas Tinois, email:, tel: (49) 2461 61-2422.

Call text available at: FACCE JPI website:

For further information visit the European Commission website:

For general enquiries about FACCE JPI please contact the Secretariat: Heather McKhann, email:, tel: +0033 (0)1 42 75 92 78.

BBSRC contact: Gabriela Pastori, tel: +44 (0)1793 413363.


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